AFIC bodies

AFIC’s governance structure includes a Board of Directors, the composition of which reflects the diversity of participants in the private equity market. Responsible for decision-making, the Board meets every month. Board members are elected during an Annual Assembly for two-year terms, renewable one time. They are all professionals working in the business, usually executives of management companies. The Board votes on the admission of new members after applications are reviewed by the Bureau.

The Board of Directors 2016-2018


  • Olivier MILLET, Eurazeo PME


  • Luc BERTHOLAT, Naxicap Partners
  • Benoist GROSSMANN, Idinvest
  • Agnès NAHUM, Access Capital Partners
  • Caroline REMUS, EPF Partners

Board Members

  • Christophe BLANCHY, Idia Capital Investissement
  • Florence CANONGE, Tertium
  • Renaud du LAC, iXO Private Equity
  • Jérôme FAUL, Innovacom
  • Laurence MEHAIGNERIE, Citizen Capital
  • Frédéric PESCATORI, Bridgepoint
  • Bertrand RAMBAUD, Siparex
  • Alain RAUSCHER, Antin Infrastructure Partners


Permanent employees of AFIC

AFIC employs a permenant staff of about 20.
These employees work under the Managing Director, Paul Perpère, in one of four departments:

  • Legal and tax issues, managed by France Vassaux d'Azémar de Fabrègues
  • Economic research and statistics, managed by Nadia Kouassi-Coulibaly  
  • Communication, managed by Emilie Tuz
  • Training, managed by Céline Buanic