AFIC presentation


The AFIC represents French private equity and in this capacity affirms its irreplaceable role in the national economy. We represent essential drivers of growth and employment and we fully assume our responsibilities vis-à-vis our environment. We are major players in the economy and we provide companies with support and guidance on a long-term basis, throughout economic cycles and irrespective of the economic situation.

We are men and women of conviction and experience, who provide equity, skills and know-how to the managers of the companies we support in order to foster their creation, development or transmission. In 2015, 1,645 companies were financed by the AFIC members. This is a European record, as no other country has such a density of investment in its economy.

Nearly 78% of these companies are SMEs and about 21% are medium-sized firms. All of these companies contribute to the wealth of France. We invest in their growth.

    Olivier MILLET, Chairman



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